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Dear All:

Firstly we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support of Sungrow over the years. Due to flaws in management of our production line earlier this year, there has been a period we ran short of stock, we do apologise for all the inconvenience we have caused. However with the collective efforts, our sales and market share have grown significantly in the Australian market since last year.

Starting from second half of the year, our Shanghai R&D Centre will be handling the development and services of our residential products for Australia. The Australian branch and the Shanghai R&D Centre will be working closely together, maintaining a direct communication to ensure the feedbacks from the end users and market demands are accurately reflected to the R&D Centre. This will help further improving our products according to the local market and the next generation of products more in line with the Australian market.

According to our sales reports from the first three quarters, we have already increased the volume of our Sydney warehouse capacity to better accommodate the market forecast. We aim to process the delivery order on the second working day upon receiving a purchase order. The orders will be shipped to the Sydney warehouse by air to prevent the out of stock situations from coming up again.

As the second largest solar inverter manufacturer world wide, Sungrow’s goal is not merely to carry over our esteemed Chinese brand image to the Australian market. To this end, we are in the process of setting up more comprehensive after-sale services, including increasing Customer Service staff, adding a new hotline 1800SUNGROW ; at the same time we are updating our online ordering systems and logistic systems to shorten our response and delivery time.

In terms of our distribution partners, with Sungrow receiving more and more brand recognition from our Australian customers, there have been a growing number of local businesses enquiring to establish direct distribution, among them are some top tier distributors. But to adhere to our previous promises, we now have no plan to add more direct distributors to our network in Australia, thus we have recommended the potential businesses to our regional distributors. We have enjoyed success and excellent professional relationships with our existing network of distributors, and expect to see our mutually beneficial partnership for many years to come.

As for our current distribution business partners, we will be upholding our principal of ethnical and transparent business model. Our product pricing will be fixed for the entire Australian market, regardless of regions, and the wholesales discounts such as placing an order of over 100 inverters to get 5% off. We also provide partnership perks including but not limited to: product training, exhibition supports, advertising and seasonal gifts. Our Australian branch directs these efforts to provide assistance and further cooperation with our regional distributors. All distributors of Sungrow products in Australia are our most important strategic partners, we would like to stress the importance to adhere by Sungrow distribution agreement, and encourage our partners to maintain a sound profit margin, keep a clear line of communication and to avoid malicious competitions. 
As the product manufacturer, Sungrow is willing to go to great lengths to ensure the distribution network’s healthy development in the Australian market, while retaining the rights to modify the wholesale discount policies and our advertising budgets, cancel supplying as well as replacing distributors.

Once again thank you for supporting Sungrow Australian, we will continuously strive for excellence to better service the Australian market.
Sungrow Australia Group Pty. LTD.
14th, Oct, 2015