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Time to get Solar is NOW, before it’s too late

Gov’t to Abolish Rebates on Solar systems

Prices to increase by 50% once rebates are gone

LAST CHANCE to secure your rebate



Solar prices set to rise due to changes to the RET


Stories in The Australian, The Australian Financial Review and the Sydney Morning Herald have all led to speculation that the Federal Government is determined to not just freeze the current Renewable Energy Target (RET) Scheme but axe it altogether.


If this happens the price of Solar Power Systems will rise dramatically.


The time to lock in your Solar Power System before prices rise.


Calls from the Clean Energy Council, Solar and Wind companies, and consumer groups for the RET scheme to remain unchanged have fallen on deaf ears and with the Warburton Review on the Renewable Energy Target about to be released have fuel speculation that will likely result in higher prices.




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