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Exciting news in the development of Battery Storage for home and commercial use

On the 30th of April the US based Technologies Company, Tesla Motors announced a new and exciting innovation in Battery Storage for solar power with their launce of the “Powerwall”.

The Powerwall is a wall mounted unit, outdoor-rated, unit that enclosures is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a liquid thermal management system, a battery management system and a smart DC-DC converter for controlling power flow.

Tesla is offering a 7kWh Powerwall for daily cycle applications and a 10kW Powerwall for backup applications.

The Tesla Powerwall is slim lined and attractive, unlike conventional batteries systems that are bulky, unattractive and inefficient, with the option of installing multiple batteries together for homes with greater energy need, up to 90 kWh total for the 10 kWh battery and 63 kWh total for the 7 kWh battery.

Powerwall specifications:


Wall mounted, rechargeable lithium ion battery with liquid thermal control.


10 kWh for backup applications


7 kWh for daily cycle applications


10 years


92% round-trip DC efficiency


2.0 kW continuous, 3.3 kW peak

Voltage & Current:

350 – 450 volts, 5.8 amp nominal, 8.6 amp peak output


Single phase and three phase utility grid compatible

Operating Temperature:

-20°C to 43°C


100 kg


1300 mm x 860 mm x 180 mm

Tesla also announced their development of the Powerpack for large scale and commercial installations.

Live Solar looks forward to providing these products in the future, once they become available for the Australian consumer.