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The friendly  team are on hand to answer any question you may have regarding the installation of Solar Power Systems.  However we have listed below answers to the most popular questions.

How long does installation take?

In most cases, the installation an average solar system will take just one day. Although larger systems may sometimes take a little longer.

Who is the supplier and installer?

Live Solar have their own team of qualified, experienced technicians who will supply and install your solar panel system. Only BCSE accredited installation personnel are employed in line with the Government’s rebate approval conditions. Whenever there is a need for subcontractors to be used in installations, they are also BCSE accredited.

What type of solar panels do LiveSolar sell?

Live Solar recommend a solar module rated at 250 Watts to feature in our solar panel systems. These are manufactured in China by QSE, who are rapidly becoming a major presence in the Australian solar landscape. These modules are certified to all the required International and Australian standards and have been accepted by the Clean Energy Council for use in Australia.

What is the lifetime of the panels?

LiveSolar will only supply solar modules that meet our high quality benchmarks. We strongly believe that providing quality products from the outset will provide several decades of clean, free, renewable electricity. As a guarantee to you, Live Solar provides a performance warranty that puts a cap on the allowable drop in performance over time. For more information please see the warranty section of the LiveSolar Power Agreement

What is the lifetime of the inverter?

Every system that Live Solar supplies comes with a carefully selected and well balanced pairing of solar modules and inverter. An inverter has many components inside that work every day to convert your solar electricity into mains electricity. On average, a solar inverter is expected to last around 15 years or more. As a general principle, if your inverter is installed in a location where it is somewhat protected from big changes in temperature and direct harsh weather you should expect it to last even longer.

Is it possible to upgrade or expand my panels and/or my inverter?

Every system that Live Solar installs has been designed by our engineers to offer the best efficiency. There has been a trend in recent years to install a very large inverter with just a small amount of solar panels in the hope of adding more over time. Live Solar prefers to supply and install balanced systems where the inverter size is appropriate for the number of panels. If, after having your first system installed, you decide you would like more solar you can add a second system complete with more panels and a new inverter.

How much of my electricity consumption can I cover with a solar electricity system?

Live Solar can assist you in analyzing your electricity consumption and recommending the perfect system to meet your needs. A vast majority of households see a significant benefit from installing just a 1.5kW solar system, with even larger benefits coming from bigger systems. Power bills come in all shapes and sizes, and so do Australian families, so contact Live Solar with a copy of your power bill handy and find out how much our systems can save you.

Most solar panels I have seen are on pitched roofs. What about flat roofs?

Live Solar can install solar panels on most kinds of roofs.  Solar panels are normally installed on pitched roofs because they collect more sunlight and produce more energy than if they were laid flat. If your roof is flat, or very low in pitch, we can supply and install a 'pitching frame' that will elevate the panels to catch more sun. These frames cost a little extra, which is justified through bigger savings from your solar power system.

Will my solar electricity system power my home during a blackout?

When the power goes out, it is likely that the power company will send out workers to start fixing the power lines. If your solar system continued to operate and send power into the electricity grid, this could pose a serious risk to the workers. For this important safety reason, your solar electricity system is programmed switch itself off during a blackout. It will automatically switch itself back on when the power returns.

Which direction should my roof face for the best performance?

A north facing roof will have the greatest sun exposure throughout the year and is ideal for a solar energy system. A roof facing northwest or northeast will still result in almost as much energy per year as one facing due north. The actual difference is about 5 to 10% depending on your latitude.

If you are not sure of the orientation or size of your roof, please call Live Solar, we can look at satellite maps and advise you.

How much room is required for the inverter?

Inverters come in a range of shapes and sizes. The average inverter measures around 40cm wide, 30cm high and 20cm deep. The inverter is normally placed in the vicinity of your switchboard and meter box. There is a degree of flexibility as to where exactly the inverter is installed, so please speak to your Live Solar installer to select your preferred location.

What system warranties are being offered?

Live Solar offers fantastic, long-term warranties on all aspects of our systems, contact us for more details:

a. 25 year product (panel warranty)

b. 5 Year Live Solar inverter warranty(Extended 10 years warranty option available)

c. 2 Year workmanship warranty